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Southern Painted Turtle

Chrysemys dorsalis

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The southern painted turtle was officially recognized as a separate species from the painted turtle in 2014. Unlike other painted turtles, the southern painted turtle has a distinct reddish-orange stripe down the center of its carapace, also known as its top shell. It is the smallest member of its genus, measuring only 4-6 inches long. As adults, these turtles have very few predators, but their eggs are found and eaten by foxes, raccoons, and otters. As young hatchlings, they are preyed upon by snakes, wading birds, and alligators.

Our Animal's Story

Frida, our female southern painted turtle, was born around 2007. She joined the Southern Swamps building in 2021 when we received her from the Milton Hershey School Agricultural and Environmental Education program.

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