Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Elaphe guttata guttata

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Corn snakes are excellent climbers and are often found high in trees searching for nesting birds. Their common name originated when farmers would see them around their corncribs and silos. They are easily recognized by the orange and grey pattern on their backs, and by the alternating rows of black and white belly scales that resemble a checkerboard or Indian corn. In areas where their ranges overlap, these harmless snakes are often mistaken for copperheads.

Our Animal's Story

There are currently 2 corn snakes on exhibit. The grayer corn snake hatched in 2011 and arrived at ZooAmerica in February of 2013. The corn snake that is darker orange and bigger in size is a newer exhibit addition. This larger snake is over 10 years of age and arrived at ZooAmerica in October of 2018.

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