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Southern Swamps

Southern Swamps

The Florida Everglades, or "Grassy Waters" as it was called by the Native Americans, is a vast prairie of sawgrass. Within and surrounding this freshwater marsh are islands of hardwood trees called hammocks, palmetto pine scrub, cypress heads, and coastal mangroves, each a natural and distinct community in itself.

In this semi-tropical environment, there are annual wet and dry seasons, which shape the life cycles of the region's plants and animals.

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Red Rat Snake Southern Swamps

Red Rat Snake

Elaphe guttata guttata

Biome: Southern Swamps

Classification: Reptiles

Biography: The Red Rat snake of the south is also called the Corn Snake. These snakes are excellent climbers, and are often found high in trees searching for nesting birds. Their common name originated when farmers would see them around their corncribs and silos. They are easily... More >

Roseate Spoonbill Southern Swamps

Roseate Spoonbill

Ajaia ajaja

Biome: Southern Swamps

Classification: Birds

Biography: From a distance, a spoonbill might be confused with a flamingo due to its pink color. Upon closer inspection, the spoonbill is very distinct in appearance. It differs from the flamingo by its flat spoon-shaped bill, pale green featherless head, shorter neck, and pink legs.... More >

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