animal encounter program with Golden Eagle

Grunts and growls, hoots and howls … this camp is wild! Discover a zoo camp unlike any other at ZooAmerica®! Sign your kids up for a journey of exploration, learning, and adventure with ZooCamp! ZooAmerica offers exciting camp sessions for children of all ages, from pre-school through high school, with a greater appreciation for nature and a deeper understanding of the wild of North America!

River otter on rocks

Preschool ZooCamp (ages 4 & 5)

Preschool explorers will love coming to ZooCamp each day. They'll enjoy an animal-themed story with a craft, a snack, an up-close look at one of our animals, and a short walk into the zoo. Campers will have fun while exploring the wild and exciting world of animals!

Roseatte Spoonbills

School-Age ZooCamp (grades 1-9)

School-age ZooCamp is designed to provide creative opportunities and learning about the wonders of our natural world. Children seeking a unique adventure will get so much out of ZooCamp! Each day is themed and filled with animal encounters, cool crafts, guided zoo walks, lively discussions, and more – with half-day and full-day sessions available!


ZooCrew (grades 10-12)

High school students who participate in this hands-on camp will gain practical experience in environmental education and daily zoo operations! This program is designed for students with an interest in the zoological sciences, wildlife conservation, and other animal-related careers. Students should have a passion for animal conservation, enjoy thinking creatively, and be comfortable sharing your knowledge with the general public. ZooCrew parents should complete the registration form and participants need to complete the enrollment form.