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The second largest forest left in the world is the northern evergreen forest stretching from Newfoundland across Canada into Alaska. Animals of the North Woods face long, frigid winters and short summers which arrive abruptly in June, bringing swarms of tormenting mosquitoes. Unpredictable food sources and the harsh climate create variations in reproduction not seen in animals from more southern regions.

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Porcupine Northlands


Erethizon dorsatum

Biome: Northlands

Classification: Mammals

Biography: Best known for its unique and effective method of defense, the porcupine is a slow-moving, nocturnal rodent. They have no need to be quick, like their smaller relatives, since their long, barbed quills keep almost all predators away. About 30,000 quills cover the animal's... More >

Snowy Owl Northlands

Snowy Owl

Nyctea scandiaca

Biome: Northlands

Classification: Birds

Biography: The heaviest of all North American owls, snowy owls are well adapted for life on the Arctic tundra. Very thick plumage and heavily feathered legs and feet insulate snowy owls against extremely cold temperatures. These striking owls hunt by night or day, depending on... More >

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