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Eastern Woodlands

Eastern Woodlands

The Eastern Woodlands is a community of broadleaf trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and animals that respond to the four-season cycle of the moderate climate found in the eastern woodlands. Fields now break up the once endless forest. Man-made changes have eliminated some animals of the deep woods, but have invited newcomers who live in fields and the forest edge. In spite of the changed environment, some animals, like the white-tailed deer and the raccoon, are more plentiful today than ever before.

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Red-tailed Hawk Eastern Woodlands

Red-tailed Hawk

Bueteo jamaicensis

Biome: Eastern Woodlands

Classification: Birds

Biography: Preferring to hunt the open lands, this diurnal bird of prey will soar over fields or perch patiently on nearby trees. Using its extraordinary eyesight, the hawk locates unsuspecting prey like field mice and rabbits. An adult red-tailed hawk has very distinctive field... More >

River Otter Eastern Woodlands

River Otter

Lontra canadensis

Biome: Eastern Woodlands

Classification: Mammals

Biography: With a streamlined body, webbed feet, and a long rudderlike tail, the agile otter is built for swimming and can approach speeds of seven miles per hour. While submerged, valve-like membranes seal off the otter's ears and nose, and its pulse rate drops to slow blood and... More >

White-tailed Deer Eastern Woodlands

White-tailed Deer

Odocoileus virginianus

Biome: Eastern Woodlands

Classification: Mammals

Biography: During the past century, logging and farming caused drastic changes in the forests. This created ideal habitat for the white-tailed deer, now the most common large mammal of the eastern woodlands. Along the edge where the forest meets the field, a deer has easy access to a... More >

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