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Animal Information

Pronghorn Big Sky Country


Antilocapra americana

Biome: Big Sky Country

Classification: Mammals

Biography: Built for speed, the pronghorn is the fastest land animal in North America and is second only to the cheetah worldwide. It can sprint close to 60 mph for short distances and cruise at 40 mph for miles at a time. Large protruding eyes provide a wide field of vision for keen eyesight. If danger is spotted, a pronghorn raises its white rump hairs and releases an alarm scent to signal the herd to flee. Although bucks and does both have horns, the male's are longer and have a forward-facing prong, giving the species its name. Unlike all other horned animals that keep their horns, the pronghorn's outer horn sheaths are shed and regrown yearly. Some pronghorn herds undertake seasonal migrations, traveling 150 miles between their summer and winter feeding grounds, in search of grasses, sagebrush, and other prairie plants.

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