Spotted Skunk

Spotted Skunk

Spilogale putorius

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When threatened, a spotted skunk first stomps its front feet, hisses, and performs a series of handstands. If the warning fails, the skunk drops to the ground, lifts its tail, and shoots a foul-smelling liquid. The distinctive spray can accurately reach its target from over ten feet away. Although this method of defense is quite effective against most predators, a great horned owl will regularly prey upon skunks. Spotted skunks are the smallest and most agile of the four skunk species and the only one that can climb trees.

Our Animal's Story

Petunia, our spotted skunk, came to us from the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA. She was born in 2011 and could live 10 years in captivity. Petunia weighs about a pound and her favorite foods are bugs and meat- especially mice. She has been descented and is unable to spray that characteristic skunk perfume!

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