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Group Outreach Programs

These programs are presented at your facility. Programs include live animal demonstrations and discussion on a specific topic. Outreach fees are determined by your location and the length of the program. Call 717-534-3900 for more information.


Group Outreach Programs

Animal Families

This 1/2 hour program is an enjoyable and educationally enriching experience for preschoolers through first grade students. The Animal Families program outlines the major animal families from invertebrates through mammals.


Paws, Claws, Scales and Tails

This variety program focuses on the adaptations that animals use for survival in the wild. Paws, claws, scales and tails are important for defense, finding food, eating, swimming and escaping predators.



This program discusses four types of reptiles: turtles, lizards, snakes and crocodilians. Special adaptations and characteristics of each are discussed and demonstrated.


Wetland Habitats

Life in a wetland habitat is explored in this program. Students will learn about the importance of a wetland and the fascinating animals that can be found in this habitat.

A to Zoo

Explore the ABCs in zoo style, from A is for alligator to Z is for ZooAmerica. This fast-paced program will delight our younger visitors and help them learn the alphabet.


Native Pennsylvania Species

Pennsylvania's wildlife heritage is presented in this program. Both the common, as well as the uncommon native species of our forests, fields and towns, are highlighted.


Desert Habitats

The fascinating ecology of a desert habitat is the focus of this program, which dispels common myths about deserts and investigates the adaptations of both plants and animals for survival in a dry environment.


Creatures of the Night

This program focuses on nocturnal creatures and examines the adaptations that make them successful nighttime creatures.


Endangered Species

Examines the reasons behind the decline of some wildlife populations and their habitats. Habitat loss, pollution, wildlife trade and the importance of biodiversity in nature are discussed.


Birds of Prey

Explores raptor habitats, adaptations, and their importance in nature.


Whooooo are the Owls?

Explores the interesting adaptations that owls use for survival in their environment.


Zoo Careers

Learn the responsibilities of a zookeeper, and discuss animal diets, enrichment activities and the tools of the trade.


Animals in Winter

Focuses on how animals adapt to the winter season.


Connections with Creatures and Chemistry

Ever wonder about the chemical composition of a skunk's spray? How is it that a female garter snake can attract hundreds of male garter snakes in the spring? Explore the bonds between chemistry and the animal world to learn more about pheromones, chemical defenses, chemical offenses, and antibiotics. Designed for high school students.


Comparative Anatomy

Humans write novels, cats leap high, bats fly swiftly, and whales swim gracefully. All of these limbs differ in function, but do they all have similar bone structure? Compare the similarities and differences of all our classes of animals in order to better understand their adaptive changes. Our ambassador animals each represent their own species' unique physiology. Designed for high school students.


also offers programs for Scouts, ZooCamp, and Programs & Events.  For more information or to book an Onsite Program call 717-534-3900.

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